Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Bridesmaid by Beverly Lewis

My 2 cents:

Beverly Lewis writes about Joanna Kurtz in The Bridesmaid, a 24-year-old Amish girl who harbors a secret, two secrets, actually. She loves to write stories about the Amish people in her notebooks, and she's been exchanging letters with Eben Troyer, an Amish farmer who lives 10 hours away from Hickory Hollow, for over a year. Are Joanna's secrets creating a wedge between Joanna and her younger sister, Cora Jane? Is the prized, antique wedding-ring quilt Joanna receives from her great-aunt a sign?

The Bridesmaid is the second book in Lewis's popular Hickory Hollow series, novels set in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Length: 314 pages

Worth Your Time? Yes.

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