Saturday, June 8, 2013

pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

My 2 cents:

pandemonium by Lauren Oliver is riveting. Familiar plot, but riveting, nonetheless. 18-year-old Lena escaped, barely, from a totalitarian futuristic society, where love and passion are diseases that must be “cured.” The Wilds, a place where people live free, is not even supposed to exist. But, Lena discovers it is real when survivors rescue her after she escapes. Her great love, Alex, is not as fortunate.

So Lena must heal and learn to live in this strange, new world without him. When she joins the resistance and is pitted against the leader's only son, who will she trust? Julian? Raven? Herself? Or will Thomas Fineman, president of the DFA (Deliria-Free America), discover Lena and crush the resistance?

Find a copy of pandemonium and dig in to uncover the answers to these burning questions and much, much more. Hint: Lauren Oliver is super-skilled at writing cliffhangers that will leave you gasping.

Length: 375 pages

Worth Your Time? Yes, if you're a fan of Dystopian Young Adult literature. Or if you've already read the Hunger Games novels, and need something new to read, while you're waiting for Catching Fire (the movie) to come out this summer. Oliver is the best-selling author of delirium, Before I Fall, and Liesl & Po (for middle readers). Check out her bio and blog for a cool little video chat ("bookish things") at


  1. I really enjoyed Pandemonium too, though I read a lot of dystopian fiction (check out for a selection of reviews!), and the world that Oliver creates is one of the better thought out ones in my opinion.

  2. Hey Laura,
    I agree! Have you checked out Lauren Oliver's website? She has some great stuff on there.