Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Starting Now by Debbie Macomber

My 2 cents:

Debbie Macomber fans! (And there are millions of you. . .) The wait is over! Macomber's newest novel is on the shelves, Starting Now. It's April, Easter was Sunday, flowers are budding out, and new beginnings are possible. Time to pick out a skein of spring yarn, head on over to “A Good Yarn” on Blossom Street, say hello to Lydia, Margaret and Casey. And meet Ava, Libby and Dr. Phillip Stone.

Libby just got fired from her dream job, exactly when she thought she was going to get that much-deserved promotion. She's at her lowest point, since the death of her mother, when, unexpectedly she meets Lydia, Dr. Stone and Ava. Suddenly, her empty life is full and happy, and she's doing things she'd never even dreamed of. When life throws her yet another curve, and her old career dances back into her life, what will Libby choose? Starting Now, what will she do?

Length: 338 pages

Worth Your Time? You bet your yarn it is. Debbie Macomber's newest book is not only a good story with memorable characters, it's thought-provoking and inspirational (but not preachy)!

Bonus: Full instructions, pattern and illustrations for adorable “Long-Tail Hat.”

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