Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PRODIGY by Marie Lu

My 2 cents:

PRODIGY. The much-awaited sequel to Legend by Marie Lu is out, thrilling teens everywhere, anxious to know what's happening with June, the Republic's 15-year-old, hot-shot prodigy, and Day, her cooler-than-cool rebel counterpart.

My 12-year-old daughter handed me a copy to read and review, and I was not disappointed. Sometimes, that first book in a titillating trilogy is a hard act to follow, and the second book falls a little flat. Not this time. The sequel hits readers with a jolt on the first page and keeps on pumping, up until the “oh, no, please, no” very last page. And, then some.

There are a few major surprises in Prodigy. (Hint: Anden. Second hint: Eden. Third: Kaede and the Patriots). June is amazing. And, Day, well. Let's just say that if readers didn't think they could fall any more in love with him, they were wrong.

Which brings us to Lu's big cliffhanger in the end. Will Day live? Will June and Day be together? What will happen to Anden? One thing's for sure. Lu knows how to write a trilogy.

Length: 371 pages

Worth Your Time? Yes. Prodigy is classified YA Literature, ages 14 and up. Maybe another year or two, Lizzey, and you'd enjoy Lu's book more, I think . . .

Bonus: Every other chapter is told from either June or Day's viewpoint, highlighted by different-colored ink. June gets black, Day gets blue.


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