Monday, May 20, 2013

Capturing Camelot (Stanley Tetrick's Iconic Images of the Kennedys) by Kitty Kelley

My 2 cents:

My daughter, who's 12, asked me last week about John F. Kennedy. Aside from the automatic “he was our president when I was a little girl” answer, I found myself hard-pressed to give her an idea of who President Kennedy really was and what he meant to our country.

So when I walked into our small library and saw a beautiful, oversized book on the “New Books” shelf called Capturing Camelot, I picked it up immediately. Featuring Stanley Tretick's Iconic Images of the Kennedys, the text is written by Kitty Kelley, New York Times bestselling author. Strolling across the front cover is President Kennedy and young son, John, in a famous 1963 photograph of the two at the White House.

Inside is a scrapbook of color photographs, black and white snapshots and portraits, memorabilia, captions and more of John and Jacqueline Kennedy, their children, Caroline and John, and the Kennedy family, as well as friends and colleagues from the 1960s. The book shows only a handful of photos from President Kennedy's Washington, DC funeral procession and Arlington Cemetery memorial service, and none at all from the fateful Dallas, Texas trip.

Meant as a showcase of Tretick's most famous photographs, this beautiful book poignantly captures a time in our nation's history. A time that is hard still, after fifty years, to put into words.

Length: 228 pages

Worth Your Time? Yes. Classified Adult Non-Fiction, Kelley's book will be appreciated by readers of all ages.

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