Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One White Dolphin by Gill Lewis

My 2 cents:

You are what you eat.” Everybody's heard that. But, what if “you are what you read” was true? In that case, I'd read One White Dolphin, by Gill Lewis, again and again. Lewis's YA novel is set on a coastal English town, a small fishing village, present day. The story revolves around the families of three young villagers - Kara Wood, Jake Evans and Felix Andersen.

Kara, the only daughter of an out-of-work fisherman, is dyslexic, and missing her marine biologist mother, who disappeared the year before. Jake, a classmate, is the son of the town's richest boat owner. Felix, the newcomer, is brilliant, talented, a natural sailor and was born with cerebral palsy.

Then, there's Angel, the albino dolphin who gets injured, and beaches herself in the cove near Kara's home.

One White Dolphin is a story of discovery and loss, boats and bullies, fishing and friends, salt-spray and water, the past and the future. Full of twists and turns, both boys and girls will enjoy reading this book. It's as comforting as the turquoise and silver blanket Kara keeps in her dad's boat.

Length: 339 pages

Worth Your Time? Yes, especially for ages 10 and up. One White Dolphin recently won the Green Earth Book Award.

Bonus: The novel's striking illustrations by Raquel Aparicio.

Bonus: Learn more about Gill Lewis on her cool website at gilllewis.com.

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