Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starstruck by Lauren Conrad

My two cents:

Lauren Conrad's on to something. Starstruck, Conrad's second novel in the bestselling “Fame Game” series, drew me in and had me cheering in the end. Starstuck follows the lives of Madison Parker and four other20-something girls; sister Sophie, roommate Gaby, friend Kate Hayes and frenemy, Carmen Curtis, as the young beauties strive to “make it” in Los Angeles. With Trevor Lord filming everything they do for a reality television show.

Conrad's new novel takes a darker turn with Gaby's accidental overdose, Madison's jewelry “theft” and its consequences, Kate's music career and Carmen's relationships. I admit, I like Conrad's serious side. I like the way she develops Madison's character, and I like the way she exposes the “secrets” of reality television. Couldn't help thinking about the Kardashians, and just how “real” their reality shows are. Fans of Conrad's former MTV reality show, The Hills, will have fun guessing how the book's characters match up to the show's stars.

Length: 293 pages

Worth Your Time? Yes. But, be warned, some of the book's characters like to drink (a lot), take pills, and, occasionally use bad language.

Bonus: Lauren Conrad just posted the release date and cover photo for Infamous, her third novel in the “Fame Game”series – June 11, 2013 – on her website,

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